[wildlife corridor compilation]

Beyond Organic: Striving to Regenerate and Rewild the Land We Farm

The native Big Bluestem grass can be found growing throughout the country, its forked crown forming the native silhouettes of the land. Our production fields are nested by wildlife corridors, giving homes to beneficial species while naturally building the soil. [3-5 sentences describing the native grass fields, corridor, wetlands, etc)

Building an Ecoystem from the Ground Up

We went to work. [4-5 sentences on the steps taken to repair the soil and create an ecosystem. Go into specifics] [images of work in progress below]

An Evergrowing Project

[2-4 sentences on the work never being done and that our ecosystem is still young. we make decisions to help the land thrive and grow, such as by leaving the echinacea seed heads for the goldfinches throughout winter, etc]